Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Wizard Race

The Wizard Race

Among all of the races upon the earth, Wizards were the only ‘special’ creation. It is said, that in the early development of the Seventh Realm (earth), a great battle was fought between the Angels of Light and the Fallen Angelic that had abandoned Heaven and sought to take the earth as their own. After a climatic battle, one that had altered the development of the earth, the Fallen were defeated. However, the Angels of Light had suffered a tremendous loss as well, and thier blood had been poured out across the barren wastelands. It is said the ground cried out for their blood and wept their loss, and for their sacrifice the earth would one day return the favor, breathing life back into them. As time passed, the blood of the Angels soaked into the hardest elements, and over tens of thousands of years power streamed within them, forming beautiful red crystals, similar to gemstones, except these were known as ‘Asharian,' meaning ‘elements of angels,' (an interesting factor since the Nasharin Race—while in Transformation, look like glorious figures of light with their flashy auras and gem-like skin). Then a mist fell from the sky, a mist some say was the breath of Abidan, (God of Light). It descended upon the rocks and split them open releasing their energies, and the energies converted into physical forms, the Wizards—the first natural creatures capable of immense powers and the only creatures ever created in such fashion.

Wizards are creatures of ‘evolving magic,' having the ability to learn any class from Fire, to Water, to Air or Earth. A ‘High Wizard’ is when a wizard has mastered all four classes of magic including the multiple spells each class contains. When a Wizard is born he comes into this earth bearing one specific spell granted to him from above. No training is required to cast it; no teaching is needed to understand it. The spell is ‘instinctual,' you might say; a test to see what he shall do with the gift, being it can only be used once in a lifetime. And unless molested by darkness, a wizard never sees natural death; instead, they walk amongst the earth for a thousand years and are then taken up into one of the many realms of Heaven. During their time spent on earth they are typically seen as protectors and guardians. They are often welcomed into cities with open arms and are lavished with gifts.

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