Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Nasharin Race


I thought I’d write up a little detail to some of the creatures in the world I have created. Although it’s brief, I thought it would be fun.


The Nasharin Race

The word ‘Nasharin’ comes from the language of the wizards, meaning ‘wizardman.’ Nasharins are the offspring of the High Wizard Milandrith and his human bride, Princess Auristela. Typically, nothing truly special or unique would have come about with the couple’s first child, but in the development of its life, something was altered. Wisemen of that world (and our own) would call it a ‘mutation,' but the Elders of the Light understood it as a curse. For it was unlawful for any Wizard to have relations with a human; the Human Race had been touched by darkness from its very beginning, and something as holy as the Wizards (guardians and protectors of the Seventh Realm), were supposed to avoid the sacred act of lovemaking—for the sole reason that it creates new life. Still, Milandrith could not turn away from his feelings; neither could Auristela, and in secret they married, and soon enough, began to procreate.

With this ‘biological fusion,' and also ‘curse,' Nasharins sustain long life and holy magic passed on from the Wizards, and great strength, will and determination passed on from the Humans, molded together as one entity. They are a hybrid warrior race that love battle and crave energy much like a Vampire craves blood. A powerful adversary or opponent excites them, and by all means they feel they must dominate that power and stand triumphant over it.

Nasharins appear human, and unless one is trained in the art of sensing energies, you cannot tell a Nasharin from a human being apart until the Nasharin’s Transformation—and that is the uniqueness of the creature. Depending on the magic or element each Nasharin is born with, Transformation differs from individual to individual. Let us take the main protagonist of the story, Darshun Luthais (whose element is Fire). When Darshun transforms, a volcanic-like eruption takes place, red flames dance around his body as an aura or a cloak, his eyes and hair shine a fierce red, his skin hardens, becoming gem-like with a fire opal color, and he smells like an entity that had just crawled out of the heart of an active volcano.  Strength, speed and stamina increase dramatically, senses are heightened, and they gain two magical abilities. Since Darshun is Fire, he has the ability to cast blistering red flames out of his palms, and he can create an attack known as the ‘Fire Star,' a sun-like sphere of explosive energy forged together by unseen energies upon the earth.

The reasons behind a Nasharin having ‘two’ magical abilities are up for debate. Some spiritualize the number two, believing it traces back to the original Father and Mother of the race, Milandrith and Auristela. The number two is a powerful number; it completes the missing half of another when looking for a bride or groom, it symbolizes unity, and it’s another sign that if you stand among the Light, you are never alone. Others mock this belief, and claim the only reason behind these two abilities is nothing more than a random act of the curse they are under.

Unlike Wizards, Nasharins evolve in their physical and magical strengths as they age, where the Wizards generally lose their physical abilities to fight, and have to rely on their evolving powers of magic. This is what makes Nasharins so dangerous—in all areas of their talents, they are forever evolving into creatures of power, or as some have said, monsters of chaos!

Note: The image above is NOT the illustration of a Nasharin, though that is how they're often pictured or imagined when spoken about in tales.

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