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99 cents Dark/Epic Fantasy series for the Kindle and the Nook...

Hello all!  I'm excited to share the news that each ebook within my five volume dark/epic fantasy series, "Guardian of the Seventh Realm," will be only 99 cents this weekend, April 27th and 28th, for the amazon kindle, barnes & nobles nook, and the Whiskey Creek Press Publisher's site.

Please don't miss this opportunity and spread the word of my series!

Some excellent comments from the reviewers:

"A exciting, fun, adventurous, wondrous and magical read that is right up there with LOTR and GOT (I am a HUGE fan of both). As a matter of fact, if you are a LOTR or GOT fan I strongly recommend this book to you)."  ~A.R.Von, author of "Wunder"~

"This was an excellent intro into Dar's world. There are a huge array of interesting creatures, my favorite being the Nasharins themselves, that are vividly captivating and creative. The author has definitely gained a fan through this book, for it was very well written. I enjoyed my dip into this world and am eagerly anticipating the next book! Great Read!!"  ~Close Encounters with the Night Kind book review and blog site~

"In comparison to other books I have read in this genre and taking in consideration of this book's length, time-line and character numbers, this book could sit next to Lord of The Rings and Eragon, in their story telling fashion. I mean this as a compliment as these are some of my favorite fantasy series. The action and the battles fought remind me somewhat of Homer's Odyssey and Iliad. Again, the comparison is meant as a compliment and some of the best selling books that I have read and treasured over the years."  ~Cynthia Jones, the Wytch's Mirror blog site~

"Impressive debut fantasy series will keep you on the edge of your seat!
Tons of action, great plot, gripping writing style. Baccaro steps in to the fantasy/sci fi world and will hopefully go to the top! As Baccaro sets up the world between Humans and Nasharins and their enemy's the Cullach he doesn't overdo the details. You picture exactly what you need to, and it's not pages of boredom. As soon as you open the book you're in the world, he brings in the backstory as you go along, tossing fights and suspense in between. Well done!"  ~Seduced By Books blog site~

"Like the others, this book (Rise of the Guardian, Book 5), is packed with everything a reader can ask for, magic, action, adrenaline. Paranormal creatures, suspense. In short, it's awesome, like Hunger Games awesome. The more I read about Darshun, the more and more I love him. (I even tried to get my sister to name her son Darshun..she said no.) This series is a fabulous adult series. I've said it before if you like Terry Goodkind, you really should give these books a try. You can find them at Amazon and on Whiskey Creek Press. What are you waiting for, start reading them today!"  Moirae the Fates book reviews~

Thanks for reading!


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My Five Volume Epic/Dark Fantasy series...

Guardian of the Seventh Realm” is an epic fantasy series consisting of five installments involving action, suspense, drama, mysticism, and even a kiss of romance.

The first book in the series is "Prophecy of the Guardian."  Let me start off by saying that my series is not so much about magical powers, mystical creatures, or vexing kingdoms of men, centaurs or dwarves, or how many “magical” spells can this or that sorcerer cast. The theme of the tale revolves around courage, loyalty, beatitudes of the “Golden Rule,” banding together in times of darkness, and faith in something larger than we can see. Elements any one of us can relate to in everyday life and times of trial and tribulation.

I'd like to elaborate a bit on the Nasharin Race, a new class of warrior in my series!

Basically, Nasharins are the main focus, and definitely the most exciting out of all the creatures. They are half-wizard/half-human hybrid warriors who love battle and crave energy, thirsting for it much like a vampire thirsts for blood. Nasharins are also feared by the Dark, but because of their untimely origin, and the deed that gave rise to them, the Light hates them. They are considered "the Accursed Race."

Although what separates a Nasharin from most other creatures is its unique ability of Transformation—what each individual evolves into, controlled by will: an essence of extravagant power and beautified form most warriors cannot fathom. And at the same time, ironically, this power is used for the good of the earth, a factor those high among the Light often overlook.

In a nutshell, "Prophecy of the Guardian" is about a small group of companions and their race against the Dark to find four ancient wizard crystals of power. As is to be expected, they run into plenty of dangers and challenges.

To elaborate a little more, the story is mainly focused on Darshun Luthais. He is Nasharin, one of the last of his race, hungry for battle and eager to advance his Nasharin skills. At the same time, he is a happy-go-lucky kind of individual; quite in-tune with nature and the simple things of life, especially a good feast! But after witnessing a prophetic vision, and also the tragedy of his closest friend, he comes to learn that he is the fulfillment of an old forgotten prophecy, the Prophecy of the Guardian, the one who is said to bring about salvation to the earth, as it struggles to survive the war launched by Abaddon the Demon Lord—an adversary long thought to be deceased.

After the Earth-Wizard Mazarian reveals the prophecy to Darshun, proclaiming it is spoken about him, Darshun must seek out the four Wizard Crystals of the Elements (sacred weapons of immense power once used by the ancient Guardians of earth). His task is to locate the crystals and destroy them before the ruthless Cullach find them first, only to hand them over to the Demon Lord for global destruction.

But Darshun's true crisis lies against himself in the fact that he is called to be this “Guardian.” For Darshun not only has to walk the valley of darkness, but according to prophecy, he must surpass many trials, tribulations and tragedies, where if he fails, the world falls, as he had already witnessed in his vision. It is a heavy burden because of the closeness Darshun has to nature, and the inexperience he has to life. In time he begins to despair, growing all the more vulnerable to the evil forces that long to drag his soul into darkness.

There is one more element I wish to comment on. A lot of fantasy novels typically have multiple Gods and/or Goddesses, and that is great. I love that! But I wanted to do something a bit different. I really love the mythology of Judaism and Christianity, preferably the angelic lore, the creation story in the Book of Genesis, the Resurrection story of Christ, and even the idea that there is only “one” all-powerful entity or God who reigns supreme over all, etc. And just to be clear (so nobody gets the wrong impression), my books are not works of “Christian literature fantasy” by any means. I am just really in love with the lore of it, and also many other spiritual beliefs of mankind, including Buddhism and pre-Christian Celtic beliefs and folklore.

The point of this is to inform my readers, or anyone curious about the series; the many races of the Light in my world commonly worship the God of the Light, Abidan, (which in reality, is the Hebrew word for “father of judgment”). So, you get that monotheistic feel.

Another interesting factor is if it is a Patriarchy race speaking, such as the Elves, then Abidan is referred to as a “he,” where the Matriarchy Centaur race will refer to Abidan as a “she.” In other words, in the reality of the story, the God of the Light is neither male nor female. Abidan is an entity of almighty power and energy that often communicates with the Seventh Realm (earth), whenever a disharmony is in place. I had a lot of fun with this idea.
In closing, let me just say that “Prophecy of the Guardian” (book one), introduces the readers to the characters, the legends and myths of the world, and the Prophecy. It also tells about Darshun’s upbringing, and the warriors who help shape him, such as “Mirabel the Great” and Seth Caelen—Father to the animals of the woodlands.
"One man's choice to love a son...a son that is not really his, and their legacy, a Nasharin legacy, is truly dying out. It is the father's hope that the legacy will live on in this baby, even though the baby does not really belong to him. As the baby grows into a young man, father and son will stand together in battle. The father will teach and the son will experience lessons that test his wills, his strength, maybe even his level of light against his level of darkness. They are not on the side of the dark and they are not on the side of the light, and so they are feared by all. It is that which is not understood completely that is feared the very most."

  “Siege of Darkness” (book two), is mostly about Darshun, his advanced power, his ultimate ego, and the consequences he brings to his people because of that ego. The book also reveals the adversaries of the series, and just how ruthless, evil and cruel they behave. It is a dark tale, but necessary in the process of Darshun’s growth. It’s also the first book where we meet the main adversary of the series, at least in the flesh, Abaddon the Demon Lord.

"Siege of Darkness by J.W. Baccaro is absolutely breath taking and amazing! Something happens in the very beginning that just rocks it out and makes it impossible to forget. I never seen it coming what so ever. A complete shock to get things going and WOW, it just never stops. The heat is on, literally all through the reading and Darshun never slows down with his energy or attitude. In fact if you think Darshun is a cocky little SOB in book one, you will certainly see how going to Shajin Island did not tame him one slight bit. I thought Prophecy of the Guardian was great and Siege of Darkness is even better! "  ~Cynthia Jones of The Wytch's Mirror~

"Cut away the child, and you have cut the Mother deeply...
Darshun realizes even further the greatness and depths of being the one. When learning about his elvish heritage and then so his longevity, creates even further concern of his time on earth as The Guardian and what that prophecy truly entails. 
A hologram of light, yellow, red, and blue. Fragments of color shooting and exploding around me. Light, colors of light, this way and that. I am captivated with 'The Coming of The Light'!
It felt as though J.W.Baccaro was able to get in touch with more than a feminine side, but rather a motherly instinct while writing out his story. This author writes from the depths of his character Talvenya with her connection and dire love for her son Sicarius. Now...moving into the story...When Tal, the Dark Queen and one with such dark evil inclinations, suffers a great loss, something more is severed in her. Darshun is the one that breaks her. With his killing hand, he has cracked the evil that shells her and in that breaking, there is light. Something new, something from the light and long ago surfaces, changing the Dark Queen as we have come to know her.
In 'The Coming of The Light', the battles continue with exploding arrows, pieces upon pieces of bloody flesh and raging war, deadly war! These are bloody battles and J.W. Baccaro holds nothing back with his brutal details of what war will do to a land, even as beautiful as this realm is decribed."   ~Cynthia Jones of The Wytch's Mirror~ 
"The Sword of Righteousness" (book four), is mostly about King Loreus - Ruler of Loreladia and his quest to unite the scattered races of the Light and charge into the artic lands of Syngothra in order to save Darshun from a deathly trap he and his companions are unknowingly walking into."
"If you haven't started reading this series, what are you waiting for? Seriously, it's one of the best adult series I have come across in years! It has everything, magic, suspense, war! Each of these books gets better and better! This is a series that I find myself telling my friends about over and over to get them to read the books."  ~Lane Bittick of Moirae the Fates Book Reviews~

 And the finale of the series is "Rise of the Guardian." This is, in my humble opinion, the best work I have accomplished so far. It is almost ridiculously bad-arse and over the top, with high emotion, MEGA suspense and one final all-out-edge-of-your-seat battle royale.

"What a fantastical adventure I went on until the very end with the Guardian Of The Seventh Realm. This is a very strong written series that a fantasy lover does not want to let go of. Watching the Guardian grow and develop throughout the series was an experience I will never forget. So much sacrifice, love, fun, emotions of various sorts, heroism, action, adventure, success, failures, creatures of beauty and some of ugliness. All balanced out into one excellent series that I highly recommend for a great escape!"  ~A.R.Von Author of "Wunder"~

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My Spiritual Journey as far...

Awakened by the need to use the facilities, a five-year-old notices his older brother sleeping to his left.  Having soiled the bed the night before (by ignoring his Mother’s rule of a half a glass of milk before sleep, instead of a soda), he didn't want to make the same mistake in the bed of his brother. His brother was, after all, kind enough to let him sleep beside him that night, while the "christened" mattress across from them was drying out after having been washed.


Lying on his belly, he turned over from his right side, kind of in a roll, and then became like a statue because of what his eyes caught…because of what was looking at him. Hovering, or "floating" in mid-air was a figure—oval in shape, humanoid and having a "face" accompanied with observing eyes, not angry, nor sad, nor even happy, just observing the boy. A beautiful white and greenish light illuminated from the entity. Convinced he was witnessing a ghost, he slowly turned back onto his belly, facing the white wall to his right, and closing his eyes. As sweat poured down from his brow, the only three words he spoke silently in his mind, and repeatedly, were: "Please go away… please go away…please go away!"

 No, it didn't look like this image, but I only wish...  :)

This five year old boy was me. I am now thirty four years old, but I can still see the "observer" in my mind. Of course hardly anyone has ever believed me, explaining it as just a dream, or my Father checking on me, but not-a-one of those answers brings satisfaction to my heart. I knew it wasn't a dream; after all, I was relieved to have woken up and not urinated yet another mattress, until I saw the Observer. Also, my Father didn't "float," neither did he illuminate white and green light.


Why did this Observer show itself to me? Why was I able to see it? I haven't the slightest idea, but because of that event, up until my mid-teens, I had always believed in ghosts, and some type of afterlife. Though I had no idea the knowledge I'd eventually come to discover twenty five plus years later.


As a mid-teen I disliked talk about God. I was angry quite often, and very pessimistic. Foolishly, I either blamed "God" for the troubles in not only my life, but my parent's also, or I simply believed God didn't exist, and if he did, he obviously didn't give two shits about the world. I must admit, I favored the "God doesn't exist" idea much more.


In my early twenty's I began to take a new perspective on things, mainly the concept of "God."  For a long while I was taking in by Christianity's many creeds. I went from calling myself a Protestant, to labeling myself as just a mere Christian (though with a Calvinistic mindset), and eventually to converting to Catholicism—which had been my longest stretch until I finally left Christianity.


(For any devout Christian who might be reading this, please understand that I am not an anti-Christian; I still respect the Faith for various reasons, but I no longer see it as the "absolute Truth." The reasons are my own).


Something positive I do wish to say about Christianity, as opposed to what some commonly believe, is that it opened my mind to think, speculate, and aiding me in becoming a healthy skeptic. Until Christianity entered my thoughts I never bothered thinking about life in such depth. Rather, I'd sought out my own likes, desires and fantasies. I can thank Christianity for opening me to become a thinker, and I can thank my own mental torments and sufferings for making me a more humble individual.


While I was departing, I admit, I did feel "lost" for a time, wondering where I'd be going, and/or where my spirit fit in the grand scheme of things. Then a tragedy struck; as anyone who personally knows me, also knows how much I love my companions (pets, but I dislike that term). My husky, Meira, who was nine years and eleven months of age, unexpectedly passed away. One afternoon she was having trouble breathing, and about three hours later, while at the veterinarian's she died. I was utterly destroyed and torn up inside. It was the worse pain I had ever felt in my entire life, the pain of loss—her loss. I speculate that there were people out there (who were upset with me leaving my previous faith), who presupposed that with Meira's passing, I'd return to Christianity, but as my wife said to me just a few weeks ago, Meira's "death" only pushed me further away. Not in the sense that I was blaming God, instead, I dug much deeper for a truth that didn’t feel like a cesspool of negativity and constant fighting among one another; again, this was my perception.


I was reading a lot of literature on various different subjects, I was visiting a lot of websites talking about many…unusual ideas and things generally opposed by my previous Orthodox beliefs, but I still felt like a "wanderer." In the meantime, there were lots of negative things happening in my life, such as issues with my wife (not between us, per say, but outside elements that had been severely persecuting her). Then a second member of our family unexpectedly died—two months after Meira’s passing, his name was Kaylis, our orange tabby cat. My wife and I were conversing on our sofa, and sometime later she decided to take a nap. After she fell asleep I rose to do a few chores. I stepped over Kaylis (he looked like he was sleeping), and after doing the dishes I decided to vacuum our fur-coated carpet in the living room. Kaylis still lay in the same position, and as I attempted to move him I realized he was stiff. I knew he was gone, probably had a cardiac arrest due to his past seizures. I woke my wife to tell her. He was five years old, and such a lovable cat. We buried him shortly after. There was already so much sorrow and depression in my heart that I hardly had space left to mourn his death. The only time I shed tears was as I was digging the hole and listening to my wife—who was standing beside me, holding Kaylis' body in her arms, crying, asking, "Why do all these things keep happening to us?"


My search continued, as did my sorrow, still feeling like a wanderer. Then something amazing happened, I found out that my wife was pregnant. It was one of the best feelings I’ve yet to experience. Neither of us has used any "protection" in the past five or six years. I was beginning to think we would never have children. But my wife always insisted that we would, only, she would be thirty years old. She'd been proclaiming that ever since she was a little girl. And behold, when our child Alexander Seth Baccaro is born, my wife will indeed be thirty! Her intuition usually always proves valid.
Go Honey Bunny!!!  ^_^

Feeling blessed and extremely excited, there was still something missing. "God," some would say; perhaps, but not the model of God Christianity paints. Whenever I think about my previous faith—accompanied with all of the dogmatic teachings one is required to accept and believe (again, my take on it), it drives me to an incredible sadness, not joy. I don't see absolute Truth in it. The Beatitudes of Jesus are wondrously beautiful! As are the many symbolic stories and/or teachings on moral values. At the same time, for me, there are just too many discrepancies, violence, emotional persecution, selfish pride and unloving damnation ("believe what I say, or burn in Hell."). Not to mention the Character of "God" is placed in a box. Once again, this is my perception. It's all right to disagree.  
So…what was missing?


I continued my search, again reading lots of materials, including eastern philosophies and religions, but my western way of thinking was having trouble understanding the mindset of the east. Still, I continued…


One day I stumbled upon a video clip on Youtube by Rene Jorgenson. The clip had to do with Near Death Experiences. I've heard of NDEs before, but thought little about them, perhaps they're real, or perhaps they’re not; my former faith referred to them as demonic. Of course, anything that doesn't fit an organization’s dogmatic teachings must be demonic, or illusionary, right?


As I watched and listened to Mr. Jorgenson's videos I came to realize just how amazing these experiences are, in fact, I had no idea the amount of literature written about NDEs was so enormous, including in-depth studies and even “experiments,” such as the Dutch Study of the Near-Death Experience—a large-scale prospective and longitudinal study with Dr. Pim Van Lommel M.D. Mr. Lommel is a cardiologist and was at one time a non-believer in anything “spiritual” until his own NDE, accompanied by the testimonies of his patients’ NDEs. He’s also written a fabulous book titled “Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience.”


I continued to learn a lot more about Near-Death Experiences and came to understand that it’s by no means a new phenomenon. There are numerous tales and stories by those in antiquity, such as the Egyptians, Tibetan Buddhism (the Tibetan Book of the Dead), the Roman Empire, the Mystics of Christianity, etc.  I was also studying the paranormal for a short while—mainly the subject’s on ghosts and poltergeists. But the NDE research intrigued me much more, and the more I read, listened, paid attention and learned, the more spiritual I felt I was becoming.


Then, another tragedy struck, my father passed away. Now, I am a seeker of Truth, and I always want the Truth, and so I must admit, my father's passing didn't hurt as much as Meria's did, but…there are several reasons for that. First of all, I was a lot more "lost" when Meira passed away, and undergoing a lot more personal problems. Also, my father was severely sick, and had been suffering for ten years—each year the pain dramatically increasing, so it was a blessing for that to finally cease. And lastly (something my wife also said), Meira's passing was perhaps a way for me to learn these “new” insights, building them up in me, making me strong for when the time would come for my Father to pass away. Meira opened the door for me to dig deeper into philosophy, Truth, right and wrong, cruelty and love—true love, which is unconditional and non-judgmental. Love is the way of Existence, and that which you hurt only hurts you in the consequence.

I miss you, Father.  (Yes, the teen with the "mop head" hair and Megadeth T-shirt is me, at my brother's wedding of all places. Notice I have that "F**k the world" look on my face. LOL).


The night my Father died, I had a dream about him. He stood before me; it was dark all around him, but he could easily be seen, and he looked as he did while in his forty’s, the way I saw him when I was a child. And like the "ghost" I talked about in the beginning of this blog (which was not a dream), my Father was just "observing" me. That's all I recall.


It seemed everything started hitting me at once, new understandings to Consciousness, Awareness, Spirit, the belief (some would say undisputed fact) that we are all "one" with the universe, and there is no real separation, nor can there ever be. Quantum Physics, the universe existing as a hologram, etc. So much was directed my way, even Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander's book "Proof of Heaven," one of the most amazing NDE accounts ever, and funny thing is, my beloved friend, Christina, linked it to me the night my father died. At the time I didn’t know who he was, or what his NDE was about. And ever since, I've been heavily studying Quantum Physics, the possibility of our universe being a Hologram—as how Karl Prigbram and David Bohm suggests (and ESPECIALLY Michael Talbot—who died the same year David Bohm did. Mr. Talbot was only thirty nine, and already had such in-depth descriptions, ideas and knowledge about the Holographic Universe—which is the title of his final book, published a year before he died).

I still seek answers, I still desire to learn and understand so much more. Do I believe in God? Yes, though I don't hold myself to an organized religion, but that's because of my perception and experience. Many of my friends and family do, and I think that is beautiful. We all have to find our own way on this journey in Consciousness, or Experience and/or “Reality.”


I still have “demons” to conquer, but life has never been more beautiful for me than it is now, and I thank the Almighty for that.


As a wise man once said, “You will know them by their fruits.” Be fruitful, and spread love and knowledge, for “the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”




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Consciousness Beyond Life

           "Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience" by Dr. Pim van Lommel is an outstanding piece of well-written literature. In my opinion, he brings forth one of the best arguments--accompanied by a mother-load of information and scientific insight for the Near-Death Experience. Not only does he give detailed examples about numerous cases (many of those cases involving out of body experiences where clinically dead patients "witnessed" their own body, and could accurately verify the events that had taken place during their resuscitation), but he also talks about the Dutch Study of the Near-Death Experience (a large-scale prospective and longitudinal study he was a part of).

Greatly does he delve into Quantum Physics, quoting a lot of scientists who are now (and even a hundred years ago) talking about the possibility that consciousness is not a product of the brain, rather, the brain receives and facilitates our consciousness, or soul, or being, or ego, or whatever you want to call it.

Dr. Pim van Lommel MD. is a cardiologist, and was at one time a non-believer in anything beyond the current, dominant materialistic paradigm we live in. As is to be expected, he goes into great detail about what shifted his thought process, including his own NDE.

I have been studying the NDE phenomenon for only about five months, and I've read a lot, but this is the book one must read if she or he wants a good insight into NDE phenomenon. There is so much information in this book I could just keep writing on and on about, but there's no point in spoilers.

If you're intrigued by NDEs, and the "other side," read this book.

Five stars and then some!     

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Romance Reviews Giveaway

I am SUPER excited to be having a giveaway on The Romance Reviews website!  I will be giving away one paperback copy of my book "Prophecy of the Guardian,"  and also one e-copy of the same book.

There will be more than 300 participating authors and publishers with more than 400 prizes up for grabs during the entire event. Grand prize is a $100 Gift Certificate!

In order to enter the contest you will  need to register and be logged in at TRR before you can play the game. Registration is free and easy. Please click the link below to enter:

Good luck, and many blessings!

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Wicked After Dark Blog Hop

Hello, fellow blog hoppers. I assume you've “hopped" here as a result of the “Wicked After Dark Halloween Blog Hop," put on by Nikki from Close Encounters With The Night Kind, and her co-host Natasha Blackthorne!  Many thanks!  :)

After my short commentary about Halloween, there will be details on how to win the entire ecopy set of my "Guardian of the Seventh Realm" series (all five ebooks!). 

...but for now, lets talk about Halloween!

I often wonder about the mythologies of Mankind. For instance, how exactly did the tales and literature come about? Man’s imagination is definitely a key element among many, but I highly doubt that every “mythology” from the past is pure fantasy.

Personally, I believe mythologies contain a lot of Truth--more than just imagination or stories told for symbolism only. Take for example the stories about "Giants," such as the Nephilim from the Old Testament of Judeo-Christianity, or the Cyclops in Greek and Roman mythologies; and even the possibility of Mermaids, Dragons and Unicorns. What if these creatures once existed?  If so, I gather their biological make-up could be explained in a scientific manner. Sounds crazy, I know, but I like thinking about it.

You're probably thinking, "What's that got to do with Halloween?"  Frankly, nothing, but it asks the question: what kind of creatures does the Universe really contain, besides what we know about on earth?

In a sense, the point to my introduction was this: (quoting from the all wonderful Wikapedia):  "Historian Nicholas Rogers, exploring the origins of Halloween, notes that while 'some folklorists have detected its origins in the Roman feast of Pomona the goddess of fruits and seeds, or in the festival of the dead called Parentalia, it is more typically linked to the Celtic festival of Samhain, derived from the Old Irish Samuin meaning "summer's end." '  Samhain was the first and the most important of the four quarter days in the medieval Irish and Scottish calendar and, falling on the last day of autumn, it was a time for stock-taking and preparation for the cold winter months ahead.  There was also a sense that this was the time of year when the physical and supernatural worlds were closest and magical things could happen. The souls of the dead were supposed to revisit their homes on Samhain eve. To ward off these spirits, the Gaels built huge, symbolically regenerative bonfires and invoked the help of the gods through animal and perhaps even human sacrifice. In the Western Isles of Scotland the Sluagh or fairy host was regarded as composed of the souls of the dead flying through the air, and the feast of the dead at Hallowe'en was likewise the festival of the fairies."

Halloween also has some Christian roots in it, but...I'm not writing a history lesson here.  :)

I've loved Halloween ever since I was a child. I have so many fond memories of the holiday, beginning with Trick or Treating. That feeling one gets when dressing up as something else, you know, disguising yourself for the big journey of the night, collecting "treasures," the treasures obviously being candy! It was exciting to see the other kids' costumes as well, or even selfishly think to yourself, "Mine is scarier than his!" And then, after you got home, you'd plop yourself on the couch, feed your face with chocolate, lollipops or candy apples, and turn on the television set to watch "Charlie Brown's the Great Pumpkin," or my personal favorite, "Garfield's Halloween." (The Ghost Pirates still give me the creeps!).

Anyway, now that I'm older I have developed a deeper understanding for Halloween, at least in my own mind. With all the tales behind "All Hallows Eve," and the thinking that goes with it, I often wonder if spiritual activity increases in the U.S. for that one evening.  I do believe we can draw spirits to us--good or bad--by our feelings/emotions and specific beliefs. Without getting into that statement too deeply, I just want to mention that I've read cases where spirits are drawn to certain individuals for their overwhelming presence of love, or dire anger, and even deep sorrow.  Therefore, I also think the energy we create by our thoughts and feelings, when it comes to Halloween, can very well draw out many spirits for that night. Note: when I say spirits, I don't necessarily mean "ghosts," as if to say the spirits of human beings. It could be though, but what I'm talking about are the types of creatures that exist in mythological tales, or creatures that perhaps only exist in a spiritual energy-like state that science cannot measure as of yet. This could include Demons or any particular dark entity, perhaps even entities that we humans are unaware of, but may in fact exist, such as…yes, Vampires!

One of the creepiest books I’ve read on this subject is “Real Vampires, Night Stalkers, and Creatures from the Darkside,” by author Brad Steiger. In that book there are numerous accounts of unexplained events, accompanied by strange encounters with unknown and, more than likely, non-human (“human” from our understanding) creatures. I think one of the scariest stories is “The Mysterious Lady in Black,” a female entity who draws psychic energy from men who dare approach her as she wanders through the city streets. Supposedly, up until the twentieth century, this female spirit had been going from body to body ever since her unwilling sacrificial death hundreds of years prior. When you actually read this story, and the accounts of the witnesses, let me tell you, this is one creepy arse story! Other such chapters in this book that really make your skin crawl, and that are great to read around this time of the year are “Haunted by the Dybbuk,” “Black-eyed Beings,” Vampires from UFOs, and “Ghosts that Bite.” I HIGHLY recommend this book.

There are so many mysteries in life; the journey makes it incredibly fascinating, and sometimes torturous, because if you're like me, I really want to know whether or not these creatures exist.

Aside from all of this, when it comes to women, Halloween has presently become much sexier. Ever go to an adult Halloween party? The "outfits" women like to dress up in are…dear lord…SMOKING HOT! I just love to see a woman as a sexy witch: black lipstick and violet eye shadow, knee high boots with stiletto heels, a kinky tight little black and purple dress--hey…I just described my wife's outfit from last Halloween!

And let's just hope we do not test the Witch's wrath, otherwise...

What a way to go...  LOL

Just my interesting ramblings about Halloween.

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To end this blog of mine, I'm going to leave all of you with an excerpt from the third chapter of my first book "Prophecy of the Guardian."  The chapter is titled "The Dream Assassin," and the reason I am sharing the excerpt is because I've received a lot of great feedback on this chapter. There are no spoilers; it's a section most fitting for Halloween:

Excerpt from chapter three of J.W.Baccaro's "Prophecy of the Guardian"

* * * *

Later that night, when Darshun lay in his bed, he kept thinking about the stories Damacoles had shared with him, wondering if any truth dwelled in them. A sacrificial goddess of fire? A mischievous god of theft and murder? Surely such tales were legendary, meant to scare
children into behaving. For it was never a good thing to play with fire, or to prowl the outdoors during the dark hours. No wonder the elders would conjure up such stories.

These thoughts were cut short when Darshun heard nois-es outside his window. They sounded like stones hitting the house and a rustling of leaves. He wondered if Mirloth was there, creeping around stealing belongings, or anything that was "precious" to him. Then came the worst of it yet: a voice, coming from under his bed, whispering—hissing his name twice: "Darshun...Darshun." Then, there was an impish laugh. Darshun closed his eyes, covered his ears and remained still, shaking, sweating—praying it would go away! His fists were clenched so tight he could feel the veins popping out of his fo-rearms. Then, after a while, when the noises had stopped, he felt ridiculous, thinking himself to be a fool. "They are just tales." He laughed. "And I am scaring myself into hearing things. Heh, yes..." Sleep began to take hold, his eyes feeling heavy. "They are tales...that’s all. Just...tales..."
* * * *

A clutter of loud noises outside Darshun’s window awa-kened him. It sounded like colossal boulders rolling across the ground and hitting the side of the house. He lay in bed, trem-bling, not daring to see what it was, remembering the same business earlier in the night. Then the noises stopped, and he heard heavy footsteps trotting away over the fallen leaves. "Someone’s out there." He climbed out of bed and walked to the window, peeped outside and saw nothing. It was pitch black. That’s strange—a few hours ago there was a full moon. There came another crash in the distance, but this time it was crackling, furious, like the stone castle collapsing. Darshun leaped away from the window, sinking to the floor in dark-ness. "What is going on?" he said, panting. "I better wake up Father."

Stepping across the room in shadow, he grabbed a candle off a stand and set it ablaze, then made his way down the short hall and to Mirabel’s room. But when he got there his bed was empty, the blankets lying on the floor. "Ah, Father. Where did you venture off to

Not wanting to be alone, he decided to go outside and look for him; and he hoped he would find his father before whatever else was lurking within the city found
him. He grabbed his sheathe and sword, along with a dagger, slipped into his brown leather ankle boots and cloak, then ventured outside. The darkness was so thick he couldn’t see two feet in front of him. "Where in the world could he be? Perhaps at Uncle Seth’s."

Suddenly there was a scream, a horrible sounding scream, like that of a frightened young girl. It echoed from every di-rection of the city. Then there were crackling noises and a rustling of leaves in the woods, like someone or something running through the brush. Darshun stopped, pulled out the sword. Seconds later the noises went silent and a wet wind came. Lightning flashed, followed by bangs of thunder. "Fa-ther!" he shouted, his voice echoing through the night-shaded city. "Where are you?" A second flash of lightning lit up the sky for a few moments revealing much of Loreladia, and dur-ing this time he saw something that sent chills down his back: about a hundred feet away there was a creature that stood at least eight feet tall. A set of horns rose off its skull like a bull; it had unnaturally long arms, dagger-sized claws, three wide legs—the third extending down where the groin would natu-rally be, a swaying tail, dark red skin and yellow eyes; the eyes were terrifying, glaring at Darshun with hatred. And the stench it carried was indescribable. His heart raced. But when another wave of lightning split the sky, the creature was gone. "Di-did I imagine that?" Suddenly the storm elements struck a tree, bursting it into flames. The fire lit up the surrounding area, and when Darshun turned around he witnessed the crea-ture again, this time standing about ten feet away! Its eyes flashed. He screamed and ran, and the creature chased after him. It moved like a large puppet, unsteady and off balance, probably due to its additional leg, which made the thing all the creepier.

"Help me!" Darshun shouted, but no one came to his aid. He continued to run through the dark city until he reached Uncle Seth’s house, staggering into the yard. He banged on all the doors and all the windows. There came no answer. Every-one seemed to have vanished. Kicking open the back door, he ran into the house and looked around for a candle, blindly touching the small round tables in the living room. Instead he discovered an oil lamp, recently put out, its smell spreading through the house. He ignited it and searched for Seth and Mi-rabel, scurrying through every room, and still they were no-where to be found. Quickly Darshun blew out the wick and stood still, listening to the rain beating down on the house, praying that the creature wouldn’t find him; then he felt a warm liquid hit his face and drip down his cheeks. Curious, he relit the lamp and looked above, witnessing fresh blood that had been splattered completely across the ceiling, along with intestines driven into cracks, dangling to and fro. Darshun screamed, then put a hand over his mouth, realizing his stu-pidity. "Oh no," he whispered.

Suddenly, as though waiting for this precise moment, the creature crashed through the front door, kicking the wood apart, tightly grabbed his arm and tossed him across the room like a doll. He hit the wall and fell to the floor. The creature walked over, its stench unbearable, like a rotten corpse. Adrenaline rushing, Darshun quickly stood up, drew his sword and struck the creature in its left leg, hacking off a chunk of flesh, then ran to the nearest window and jumped through it. He tumbled onto the muddy ground, smashing his jaw and dropping the sword. The creature reached through, grabbed his leg and began to pull him back in. Its claws dug in-to his skin, piercing to the bone, and he screamed in agony. Punching the thing in its face didn’t seem to faze it either, on-ly hurt Darshun’s hands. Then he remembered the dagger he had brought. He took it off his girdle and stabbed the crea-ture’s hand; terribly it roared, saliva shooting out its mouth. It released him. Darshun picked up his sword and ran into the woods as fast as his little legs would take him. He ran and ran until he was a long way off and found a thicket of bushes to hide under. He was soaking wet, and the temperature had dropped so much that his breath now showed. Trying to calm down, he rubbed his sweaty face and wounded leg, which was beginning to swell with severe pain. Soon he would need medical attention. But these thoughts vanished when he heard a crackling of sticks. Something was coming toward him. Dar-shun gripped his sword and remained still. The noises stopped; nothing now except the rain. Perhaps it was an animal?

Suddenly lightning struck a tree near by, and in fear he quickly climbed out of the thicket. The fire burned high, giv-ing off much light, and he knew he had to abandon that area fast. Then, as if things weren’t bad enough, he felt a cold breath on the back of his neck, and shivers of fear ran down his spine. Slowly he turned around, and there the creature stood, face-to-face with him. It grabbed his throat, lifted him off his feet and slammed him against a tree. The face was hideous—cut, mangled as if it had been mutilated, and decaying with disease. Darshun vomited onto it, the vomit dripping down its bloody cheeks.

"My father?" Darshun asked, tired and weary. "Where is my father?" Grinning, the creature pointed up in the trees, and Darshun widened his eyes. Hanging by two ropes tied to their legs were Mirabel and Seth. Their bellies had been torn open and their throats cut, blood oozing like a river. Hideous-ly the creature laughed and rose up its other hand, extending blood stained claws.

After the loss of his loved ones, nothing else mattered, nothing except justice, or perhaps revenge. An uncontrollable desire began to overtake him. Dramatic emotions of hate, love, desperation, and madness surged within, and a sleeping beast began to awaken. "Father...Uncle Seth..." Suddenly, it happened. "
Noooo!!!" he screamed in rage and fury as a red fire exploded around him, blowing the creature off its feet. The fire surrounded Darshun’s entire body. Even his pupils con-sisted of flame. At first, he didn’t understand what was hap-pening; his anger had ignited, awakened or unleashed some-thing inside of him, perhaps lying dormant, and the energy was magnifying. He felt the bodily change in every pore, a sensation within the eyes, a tingling throughout the hair. His body was different—he was different, transformed. The crea-ture, now terrified, desperately ran for its life. Darshun raised both hands, naturally understanding what to do, and shot two streams of blistering red flames out of them. Burning through every tree in their path, the flames struck the creature and disintegrated it. Darshun awoke to yellow light shining all around him. He screamed, crashing his head to and fro, confused, disoriented, unaware of his surroundings, until the light vanished and he saw Mirabel. "Fa-father?" he said.

"Yes, son, it is I. Everything is going to be all right."

"It was a dream...only a dream," he said and collapsed, out of energy; and within moments he fell back to sleep.

Upon seeing the flames many Loreladians rushed over speedily, standing in the middle of the street, gazing upon Mi-rabel’s house, nearly ash. Seth Caelen was there too, having sensed the disturbance in Darshun.

"Good heavens," Mythaen said, running up to Mirabel. "Are you and Dar all right?"

Mirabel glanced over, then fixed his eyes back on Dar-shun. "Fine," he answered.
"What happened?"

"A candle fell."

"A...candle?" he asked, confused. For not only was it highly unlikely for Mirabel to make a mistake like that, but candle fire burns a beautiful orange-yellow, where this fire was a blistering red. "Are you positive?"

"Yes! It was a candle, a molding of wax!" Mirabel said, his words sounding more like a growl. He sighed, and then fi-nished in a calmer tone. "Just an accident started from an old Wizard’s candle. Everything is fine now."

All right, that made a little more sense. He was after all a keeper of magical souvenirs. "Well, if you like, you and Dar can stay at my place tonight," Mythaen offered. "Or perhaps
in the castle?"

"You can stay with me!" Elwin blurted out, wishing to be with Darshun. "Mother won’t mind."

"I appreciate the offer, but I will pass." He picked up Dar-shun and held him in his arms. "The danger has passed; the fire is out. You can all return home now." Quickly he turned to Seth, speaking almost in a whisper. "Accompany me for a short time?"

"Of course."

They walked out of the city and into the woods, abandon-ing the perplexed crowd. Mirabel ventured only a short dis-tance then stopped, setting Darshun down on some soft leaves. Quickly he made a fire.

"That was no candle accident, was it?" Seth asked, though he knew the answer.

"No, it was Darshun. Come here, look! They’re still visi-ble."

Seth gazed and saw claw marks around his neck with trickles of fresh blood. He also saw the wound on Darshun’s leg and shadow-like markings across his face, arms, and chest that were beginning to fade, like ghostly hands releasing their grasp. "Is it possible?"

"Yes. A Dream Assassin attacked him."

"Sorcerer Dream Assassin spells are difficult to achieve. They must have the blood of the one they intend to kill. Dar-shun has either lived in Loreladia since we rescued him or been with you."

"I know, I know. It doesn’t make sense. But whoever cast
the spell must possess a bit of his blood. Someone wants him dead."

"The Northern Cullach?"

"I was thinking the evil ones in command of them. Re-member what Deloth had spoken? That Darshun had to be sa-crificed because he was a creature of the Light, and if he lived, disaster could fall upon them."

"I remember, but what does it mean?"

"Seth, tonight I felt a power within Darshun that even I fear. That is what awoke me earlier. The very house trem-bled. I heard him scream, and fire shot out everywhere. He unlocked his element in his dream, his element of Fire, and at only age twelve, something no Nasharin has ever achieved. His inner power was so strong I could barely contain him. Then I carried him into the street and shielded his fire. Everything within the house was gone, everything except that...golden ball. Somehow it rolled into the street and stopped at Dar-shun’s side, and once again, it was glowing!"

"What are you saying?"

"The Prophecy of the Guardian and the Second Great War could be upon us."

Seth stared at Darshun in amazement, thinking about the signs: the golden ball, the extraordinary power of this boy, the threat of the Dark, Darshun’s dreams and the presence of the Archangel. "Yes, the pieces do add up. Incredible!"

"I am not certain of it; nevertheless, for now I will re-main in the forest and continue to train him. He needs to learn how to control his element and strengthen his mind, lest
another attack come."

"All right. Don’t fret about your house. I’ll build anoth-er."

"Thank you, my friend. And please, until I understand for certain what is going on, do not tell anyone about this."

Seth nodded, and his eyes darkened, taking on a more se-rious approach. "Mirabel, if the prophecy is at hand, then you know what kind of evil shall threaten not only us, but
all of the earth!"

Mirabel sighed. "I know. Our only hope shall be this little Nasharin."