Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Five Volume Epic/Dark Fantasy series...

Guardian of the Seventh Realm” is an epic fantasy series consisting of five installments involving action, suspense, drama, mysticism, and even a kiss of romance.

The first book in the series is "Prophecy of the Guardian."  Let me start off by saying that my series is not so much about magical powers, mystical creatures, or vexing kingdoms of men, centaurs or dwarves, or how many “magical” spells can this or that sorcerer cast. The theme of the tale revolves around courage, loyalty, beatitudes of the “Golden Rule,” banding together in times of darkness, and faith in something larger than we can see. Elements any one of us can relate to in everyday life and times of trial and tribulation.

I'd like to elaborate a bit on the Nasharin Race, a new class of warrior in my series!

Basically, Nasharins are the main focus, and definitely the most exciting out of all the creatures. They are half-wizard/half-human hybrid warriors who love battle and crave energy, thirsting for it much like a vampire thirsts for blood. Nasharins are also feared by the Dark, but because of their untimely origin, and the deed that gave rise to them, the Light hates them. They are considered "the Accursed Race."

Although what separates a Nasharin from most other creatures is its unique ability of Transformation—what each individual evolves into, controlled by will: an essence of extravagant power and beautified form most warriors cannot fathom. And at the same time, ironically, this power is used for the good of the earth, a factor those high among the Light often overlook.

In a nutshell, "Prophecy of the Guardian" is about a small group of companions and their race against the Dark to find four ancient wizard crystals of power. As is to be expected, they run into plenty of dangers and challenges.

To elaborate a little more, the story is mainly focused on Darshun Luthais. He is Nasharin, one of the last of his race, hungry for battle and eager to advance his Nasharin skills. At the same time, he is a happy-go-lucky kind of individual; quite in-tune with nature and the simple things of life, especially a good feast! But after witnessing a prophetic vision, and also the tragedy of his closest friend, he comes to learn that he is the fulfillment of an old forgotten prophecy, the Prophecy of the Guardian, the one who is said to bring about salvation to the earth, as it struggles to survive the war launched by Abaddon the Demon Lord—an adversary long thought to be deceased.

After the Earth-Wizard Mazarian reveals the prophecy to Darshun, proclaiming it is spoken about him, Darshun must seek out the four Wizard Crystals of the Elements (sacred weapons of immense power once used by the ancient Guardians of earth). His task is to locate the crystals and destroy them before the ruthless Cullach find them first, only to hand them over to the Demon Lord for global destruction.

But Darshun's true crisis lies against himself in the fact that he is called to be this “Guardian.” For Darshun not only has to walk the valley of darkness, but according to prophecy, he must surpass many trials, tribulations and tragedies, where if he fails, the world falls, as he had already witnessed in his vision. It is a heavy burden because of the closeness Darshun has to nature, and the inexperience he has to life. In time he begins to despair, growing all the more vulnerable to the evil forces that long to drag his soul into darkness.

There is one more element I wish to comment on. A lot of fantasy novels typically have multiple Gods and/or Goddesses, and that is great. I love that! But I wanted to do something a bit different. I really love the mythology of Judaism and Christianity, preferably the angelic lore, the creation story in the Book of Genesis, the Resurrection story of Christ, and even the idea that there is only “one” all-powerful entity or God who reigns supreme over all, etc. And just to be clear (so nobody gets the wrong impression), my books are not works of “Christian literature fantasy” by any means. I am just really in love with the lore of it, and also many other spiritual beliefs of mankind, including Buddhism and pre-Christian Celtic beliefs and folklore.

The point of this is to inform my readers, or anyone curious about the series; the many races of the Light in my world commonly worship the God of the Light, Abidan, (which in reality, is the Hebrew word for “father of judgment”). So, you get that monotheistic feel.

Another interesting factor is if it is a Patriarchy race speaking, such as the Elves, then Abidan is referred to as a “he,” where the Matriarchy Centaur race will refer to Abidan as a “she.” In other words, in the reality of the story, the God of the Light is neither male nor female. Abidan is an entity of almighty power and energy that often communicates with the Seventh Realm (earth), whenever a disharmony is in place. I had a lot of fun with this idea.
In closing, let me just say that “Prophecy of the Guardian” (book one), introduces the readers to the characters, the legends and myths of the world, and the Prophecy. It also tells about Darshun’s upbringing, and the warriors who help shape him, such as “Mirabel the Great” and Seth Caelen—Father to the animals of the woodlands.
"One man's choice to love a son...a son that is not really his, and their legacy, a Nasharin legacy, is truly dying out. It is the father's hope that the legacy will live on in this baby, even though the baby does not really belong to him. As the baby grows into a young man, father and son will stand together in battle. The father will teach and the son will experience lessons that test his wills, his strength, maybe even his level of light against his level of darkness. They are not on the side of the dark and they are not on the side of the light, and so they are feared by all. It is that which is not understood completely that is feared the very most."

  “Siege of Darkness” (book two), is mostly about Darshun, his advanced power, his ultimate ego, and the consequences he brings to his people because of that ego. The book also reveals the adversaries of the series, and just how ruthless, evil and cruel they behave. It is a dark tale, but necessary in the process of Darshun’s growth. It’s also the first book where we meet the main adversary of the series, at least in the flesh, Abaddon the Demon Lord.

"Siege of Darkness by J.W. Baccaro is absolutely breath taking and amazing! Something happens in the very beginning that just rocks it out and makes it impossible to forget. I never seen it coming what so ever. A complete shock to get things going and WOW, it just never stops. The heat is on, literally all through the reading and Darshun never slows down with his energy or attitude. In fact if you think Darshun is a cocky little SOB in book one, you will certainly see how going to Shajin Island did not tame him one slight bit. I thought Prophecy of the Guardian was great and Siege of Darkness is even better! "  ~Cynthia Jones of The Wytch's Mirror~

"Cut away the child, and you have cut the Mother deeply...
Darshun realizes even further the greatness and depths of being the one. When learning about his elvish heritage and then so his longevity, creates even further concern of his time on earth as The Guardian and what that prophecy truly entails. 
A hologram of light, yellow, red, and blue. Fragments of color shooting and exploding around me. Light, colors of light, this way and that. I am captivated with 'The Coming of The Light'!
It felt as though J.W.Baccaro was able to get in touch with more than a feminine side, but rather a motherly instinct while writing out his story. This author writes from the depths of his character Talvenya with her connection and dire love for her son Sicarius. Now...moving into the story...When Tal, the Dark Queen and one with such dark evil inclinations, suffers a great loss, something more is severed in her. Darshun is the one that breaks her. With his killing hand, he has cracked the evil that shells her and in that breaking, there is light. Something new, something from the light and long ago surfaces, changing the Dark Queen as we have come to know her.
In 'The Coming of The Light', the battles continue with exploding arrows, pieces upon pieces of bloody flesh and raging war, deadly war! These are bloody battles and J.W. Baccaro holds nothing back with his brutal details of what war will do to a land, even as beautiful as this realm is decribed."   ~Cynthia Jones of The Wytch's Mirror~ 
"The Sword of Righteousness" (book four), is mostly about King Loreus - Ruler of Loreladia and his quest to unite the scattered races of the Light and charge into the artic lands of Syngothra in order to save Darshun from a deathly trap he and his companions are unknowingly walking into."
"If you haven't started reading this series, what are you waiting for? Seriously, it's one of the best adult series I have come across in years! It has everything, magic, suspense, war! Each of these books gets better and better! This is a series that I find myself telling my friends about over and over to get them to read the books."  ~Lane Bittick of Moirae the Fates Book Reviews~

 And the finale of the series is "Rise of the Guardian." This is, in my humble opinion, the best work I have accomplished so far. It is almost ridiculously bad-arse and over the top, with high emotion, MEGA suspense and one final all-out-edge-of-your-seat battle royale.

"What a fantastical adventure I went on until the very end with the Guardian Of The Seventh Realm. This is a very strong written series that a fantasy lover does not want to let go of. Watching the Guardian grow and develop throughout the series was an experience I will never forget. So much sacrifice, love, fun, emotions of various sorts, heroism, action, adventure, success, failures, creatures of beauty and some of ugliness. All balanced out into one excellent series that I highly recommend for a great escape!"  ~A.R.Von Author of "Wunder"~