Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cyclops...They're Going To Get You!

I came across a website today talking about the Cyclops.  I'm sure just about everybody knows what these one-eyed "monsters" are, and have probably seen them in animations or old sci-fi flicks.  Well, as you read on, not only does the website talk about the mythology of the Cylops, but it also mentions the possibility that "Cyclops-like" humanoids (like Hobbits), perhaps did exist at one era. After all, there are tribal folklores about giants that once roamed the plains of Central and Northern Mindanao.  Check out the photo below, a skull archeologists discovered in the hinterlands of Bohol:

...or, perhaps this was just some poor dude with an extreme high heel boot fetish, and he was impaled by the stiletto heel of a Dominatrix's boot!

(Wait, the hole in the skull is too wide, guess it wasn't the work or execution of  a Mistress, but I was being silly anyway).

I LOVE information like this!  For so long has it made me ponder about how much (if any) Truth there is within Mythologies of all sorts.  I also like to write my novels in such a way.  They are "fantasy," of course, but still, they do possess some elements of sci-fi, or the possibility that such things could have been real at one time. That even "magic," is not truly unexplainable, in regards to science.  Who knows what scientists will discover among Quantum Mechanics/Physics 100 years from now?

Perhaps it's all silliness, but I do enjoy these exciting ideas.  ^_^

The website, if anyone is interested:  Bringing Myths and Legends to Life

" 'Eye' sees you..."


Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Review of "The History of Hell"

Beautiful, awesome, kick-arse book! I was impressed with the level of knowledge behind the author. She sure did her homework, to the max.

This book takes you back as far as the Mesopotamian and Egyptian beliefs in Hell, or Hades, or the Great Below, and brings you all the way up to the modern day Hell of Christianity, (I think my only disappointment was that it did not cover the Islamic Hell, which is also quite interesting). There's also a great deal of illustrations from artists dating back to the Dark Ages.

Although this book mostly deals with the Hell of Christianity, it can show how the Jewish religion (preferably the Jews from 200 to 100BC), and early Christians could have very well adapted, or adopted those same ideas into their theology, but with more of a sadistic theme behind it. As you read, you get to "visit" every age of Christianity's past that had to do with Hell, the millennium that followed the fall of Pagan Rome up until the Renaissance or rebirth of the classical approach to learning, (a thousand years sometimes refered to "the age of visions."), to the time of popular Mystery Plays, and of course, the infamous divine comedy "Dante's Inferno.” But there is so much more!

If you're interested in learning about Christianity's Hell, and also earlier accounts of “The Great Below” from older religions, and if you love colorful and authentic illustrations from the past, you have GOT to read this amazing book!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review of "Animals and the Afterlife"

I adore this book! It is such a blessing to read, especially when one is dealing with the loss of an animal. I came across this book about a month after my beloved Meira (german shepherd/husky mix) had passed away, and it was very heart warming to read, and full of great and intellectual information. In my youth, I also, like the author, used to be a skeptic, but that mindset has long since gone extinct.

I highly recommend this book if you're dealing with the loss of a pet, or even for an interesting read,

P.S. My wife and I also just recently lost our beloved cat, Kaylis. And though it is hard, dealing with the deaths of two beloved members of our family within a couple of months, I know where their spirit now dwells, and having Kim's wonderful book to revisit will always be a big help.

5 stars all the way!