Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cyclops...They're Going To Get You!

I came across a website today talking about the Cyclops.  I'm sure just about everybody knows what these one-eyed "monsters" are, and have probably seen them in animations or old sci-fi flicks.  Well, as you read on, not only does the website talk about the mythology of the Cylops, but it also mentions the possibility that "Cyclops-like" humanoids (like Hobbits), perhaps did exist at one era. After all, there are tribal folklores about giants that once roamed the plains of Central and Northern Mindanao.  Check out the photo below, a skull archeologists discovered in the hinterlands of Bohol:

...or, perhaps this was just some poor dude with an extreme high heel boot fetish, and he was impaled by the stiletto heel of a Dominatrix's boot!

(Wait, the hole in the skull is too wide, guess it wasn't the work or execution of  a Mistress, but I was being silly anyway).

I LOVE information like this!  For so long has it made me ponder about how much (if any) Truth there is within Mythologies of all sorts.  I also like to write my novels in such a way.  They are "fantasy," of course, but still, they do possess some elements of sci-fi, or the possibility that such things could have been real at one time. That even "magic," is not truly unexplainable, in regards to science.  Who knows what scientists will discover among Quantum Mechanics/Physics 100 years from now?

Perhaps it's all silliness, but I do enjoy these exciting ideas.  ^_^

The website, if anyone is interested:  Bringing Myths and Legends to Life

" 'Eye' sees you..."



  1. Cool. Damn one eyed giants anyway. I do like those boots :)

  2. LOL! Thanks, Cynthia. Yeah, me also! The boots are MEGA-SEXY!!! :D

  3. Cynthia, out of curiousity, have you read books 4 and 5 yet?

  4. Not yet Jason, I'm sorry. It sounds horrible of me. I have been catching up with promises I made months ago. Things have been weird. I'm going to grab my copies very soon and I'm looking forward to reading them. Forgive me, please, and catch up with you soon.

  5. Oh Cynthia, dear, there is nothing to forgive! :) Whenever you get to get to them. And yeah, I'd love to catch up with you soon, I miss our chats.