Sunday, June 12, 2011

Siege of Darkness

'Siege of Darkness' begins right where 'Prophecy of the Guardian' leaves off. These two books were originally 'one' book—the first book of my 'Guardian of the Seventh Realm' series when I had planned on doing a trilogy, that is until the publishing company asked me to split the trilogy up into five installments. Fortunately, Siege of Darkness does not end so drastically, leaving you feeling like you’re in the middle of nowhere, as Prophecy of the Guardian does. (Sorry about that my fans, J)

It's difficult to summarize this second story without giving too much away. What I can say is this: Siege of Darkness flows a bit differently than the first. Instead of the heroes sweeping across the landscapes, the majority of this book takes place within Castle Volborg—the home fortress of the Dark Queen Talvenya.

While being held 'captive', our hero, Darshun Luthais, discovers many new truths about his elvish heritage—including the dreadful fate of his blood parents. Darshun is also greeted by a couple of new allies in the war who are also being held captive—one being a she-elf of angelic purity, and the other the Nasharin brother of Nayland, Kaylis Winviel.

And so (like I said, I can’t give too many details away or I will spoil the surprises for you), slithering through the castle in the late hours of the night, and led by his 'battle frenzy', Darshun finally comes face to face with the Demon Lord Abaddon, who is holding three of the Wizard Crystals as his own. But the only thought embedded into Darshun's mind is to challenge Abaddon in battle, for he's unlike any opponent Darshun has ever faced—an enemy having powers not seen in thousands of years, powers that awaken Darshun’s most difficult lust, the Nasharin Battle Frenzy, and therefore he must be dominated; by the skill of a Nasharin he must be defeated. Finally, Darshun's true abilities are put to the test in an epic clash of good versus evil.

Again, while having a different flow than the first book, Siege of Darkness carries much more action and brutality, as well as some touching spiritual moments that may cause you to shed a tear. I hope fans of the first will enjoy this second installment in the series.

Again the book is available in paperback or ebook at Whiskey Creek Press and also at Amazon (kindle edition).

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