Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Elvish Race

The Elvish Race

The Elves are the most enlightening race among all the creatures of the earth. It is as if Abidan, the God of the Light, wept tears of joy across the landscapes, and from those tears sprung the elvish kin. Of course this is folly; like almost every other humanoid race, Elves come from a common ancestor. But in their early stages of development did they sense the presence of the Light, and instead of seeking out the common pleasures life has to offer, and even the basics needed for a certain extant, they sought first the presence of Abidan. From then on all other necessities for life were given to them.

Some Elves are born with beatitudes and attributes of their God Abidan. Whether it is Truth, Love, Forgiveness, or the like, these gifts are often sensed or witnessed at an early age. Although few would be fond of an elvish companion bearing the gift of Truth, for every mistake, unwise manner of speech, or action one might make, a ‘Bearer of Truth’ would call the individual out on it, often in a condescending way. At the same time, if one has spoken wisely, the ‘Bearer of Truth’ will praise the individual. To an outsider this would look like drastic moodswings, but it is just the way of the gift.

Elves contain magic, similar to Wizards, but also different. Elvish magic is usually lent to them upon their calling. In other words, it doesn’t come from within, as it does from a Wizard or Nasharin, instead, it is asked for, and depending on the rank of the elf, the spirits of the elements almost always respond. There are a few exceptions, but this is how the magic generally works. Elves also avoid the natural process of death—unless taken willingly. If some of them are called to reach one hundred years of age for the purpose of being a strong leader—or even a thousand years for the duty of prophet, they remain in such a physical state for as long as the earth continues in her existence.

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