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The Centaur Race


The Centaur Race

Centaurs are a Matriarchy. As far back as written history can remember, the females have always held an advantage over the males in intelligence, leadership, archery skills and creativity, while the males are much more gifted in magic, reading the stars, and physical strength. Queens are sometimes looked upon as Goddesses, or at least treated like them. But even queens answer to a higher power, for Centaurs worship the same deity as the Elves, Abidan—God of the Light. Although they will often refer to Abidan as ‘she’, just as a patriarchy race will refer to the deity as ‘he’. Of course Abidan is neither male nor female; the difference in the pronouns stems from the dominant species of each race.

Like Elves, Centaurs are in love with nature, especially the woodlands. It is said that Centaurs are so strikingly close to certain species of trees that the vegetation will respond to them in spirit, and also naturally grow around their presence. If you were to visit a Centaur village you could see for yourself how authentic this information is, as the huts they live in are nothing other than shrubs, bushes or trees intertwined and curved with such precise artistic measurement.

Centaurs are also the most ‘righteous’ among all high races of Light. They strictly hold to the ancient laws...some of those laws stating that ‘fellowship with the accursed race (Nasharin) must be avoided at all costs’, or ‘no Nasharin must be allowed to live.’ By the time the Third Age came around Centaurs grew even bitterer in their hate for Nasharins, and even the Elves, as it was said that the Elves of Ashhaven now welcomed the accursed ‘wizardmen’ into their homes.

Sadly, Centaurs went into exile after their war against the dark city Asgoth. Supposedly, King Tanarokai of Asgoth had stolen Queen Aeryka’s children and murdered some of her siblings under the cloak of shadow. In rage the Centaur Queen stormed into the unconquerable city only to have her king killed and her people slaughtered; few had escaped. From that moment on Centaurs have remained silent, and unseen; choosing to avoid the other ‘traitorous’ races such as Elves and Wizards.

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