Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Cullach Race

The Cullach race look like a cross between human beings and wild boars.  They are a very selfish and bitter people—even toward one another.  Typically, each individual will seek out only what would benefit his or her own needs, with little or no concern about a comrade.  Their mindset is simple: “Only the strongest survive.”  

A Cullach has two to three times the strength of a human.  They love to eat raw flesh and fall into ecstasy over the taste of fresh blood.  However, being as vile, or 'animalistic' as they are, there have been cases of good mannered Cullach.  Like any beast of the wild, they have to be taught, and even tamed, otherwise, they'll always do what is naturally built into them for the mere purpose of survival.

Originally, the native climate of the Cullach was Syngothra—a near desolate frozen wasteland, once home to the Demon Lord Abaddon in the First Age. The Cullach of this land generally have features of dirty white skin with shades of ice blue spotted and scattered, or sometimes black leathery skin, high pointy ears and rugged tusks. The clans that had migrated to the west usually have more of a porcine-like face, thick gray skin and stooped figures.

Their origin is debated. Many believe Demons experimented on the early development of some life forms, which is why such hideous and hateful creatures like the Cullach (according to the Light), exist. After all, their physical features are far more odd than the ‘common’ humanoids such as Elves, Human Beings and Dwarves. The same idea is spoken about when it comes to Centaurs, or other entities that stray from ‘the common’ in appearance, and yet are strikingly beautiful; only, the Angelic must have been responsible for this the thinking goes.

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