Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Dwarves

In many ways, these little muscle-bound creatures are quite similar to humans. They love to build. They love to eat and drink (meat and ale, mostly). They behave like excited children when throwing a festival, and they are seldom judgmental.

Being the great miners that they are, Dwarves are addicted to caverns and underground tunnels; that is also why they're highly attractive to riches and 'shiny things' such as gemstones, as the elements are commonly unearthed whenever the Dwarves are at work building their lairs.

Some claim Dwarves are ignorant of the world and her history, and if you were to have a conversation with one, you'd get a monotonous amount of ramblings on how to brew the perfect ale, or how beautiful the Great Hall of Avshalum (the Dwarves greatest cavern) is when decorated with sapphire, rubies and diamonds. However, this is not entirely accurate. Many Dwarves keep a rich history of the world on record, and love to tell tales about the past. Dwarves also care for the, as they call them, 'up Landers' of the world, only, when all the dissention began to take place in the beginning of the Third Age, most of the Dwarves scurried back into their underground world to avoid the strife. Like Centaurs, they are seldom ever seen and some now question their existence.

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