Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Human Race

Human beings are a very interesting people. For a race having no natural ability for magic, they make fierce warriors. Their strength is often seen in their numbers and most definitely in their determination.

Humans love to build, create, expand their territory, and improvise to accomplish their objectives. They are sometimes looked down upon by the higher races of Light because of how easily they can succumb to corruption, and mocked by the evil lords of the Seventh Realm for their inability to cast magic. Although most of that mockery disappeared after the Great War of the First Age, when humans played a major role in defeating the earth’s original adversary, the Demon Lord Abaddon. Abaddon’s biggest mistake was to misjudge Humanity and its great will. “In truth, it is not that Humans have a superior will above other creatures, just that no other race on earth has accomplished so many wondrous acts and defeated masters of sorcery while never possessing the slightest of magic. In order to survive, the Human race defies all odds, overcoming what Wisemen call ‘impossible victories’, and they have done so time and time again. They always seem to find a way. None can say that about other magicless races, or share such heroic stories of awe and wonder.”

Humans also played a part in creating the legendary Sword of Purity. In a time when Wizards, Elves, Centaurs, Dwarves and Humans stood united. Blacksmiths working together forged the sword from five hundred pieces of different metals. The Holy Prophets then blessed the blade. Multiple warriors from each of the five races used the weapon at one time or another to crush their adversaries. Legend proclaimed whoever held this sword could not be defeated in battle, for the spirit of the Light overshadowed it, and therefore the sword became a mighty tool feared by evil. The Sword was last used by King Lythar of Loreladia, but has gone silent ever since, ‘shutting down’ its power since the united races had separated.

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