Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fun Facts About J.W.Baccaro (ME!) :)

Author J.W. Baccaro Fun Facts

"Thanks Jason for all the cool pics that you sent! The readers are really going to have fun with this. It's great getting an up close and personal look at the writer. Again, congratulations on your series 'The Guardian of The Seventh Realm'! And thanks for being a guest author at
The Wytch's Mirror." 


My wife and I posing for the annoying (no pun intended) camera man, about an hour before we were "married."

We were now married and allowed to "legally" kiss.  :)
Cutting the cake.  A friend of mine randomly shouted out, "smear it in her face!"  My wife gave me "the glare" and I naturally submitted, which made the same friend chuckle.  Ah, the Dominance of the Female.  ^_^
  Posing yet again for the camera.

Okay, I'll admit, this one came out beautiful!

I am NOT the new Scarface!

Yeah, I was pretending to be Darshun Luthais.  :)

My wife all dolled up for a night out.  Of course she thought her look was a bit too flirtatious, but hey, I'm male, so I loved it!  :)

Milo and I.  He's long passed on, but he was one of the best cats I had ever known.

Me at 15 years old.  A little metal head punk.  :)

I debated throwing in this picture, but then I thought, "hey, why not?"  Yes, it's my wife stepping on me, putting me in my place.  Okay, not really, but it was fun.  :)

My German Shepherd Dominic. He's now four and a half, and still beautiful!

A Scary me.

Me at 15, headbanging as I played my first guitar.  It was a right handed Stinger with the strings swtiched around for a lefty, like myself.

Me in my wig, and wearing my sexy shades.  LOL

Our first Christmas together! "Guardian of the Seventh Realm" was in it's early roots in this era.  :)

Me being a goofball again, and I'm not sure if my girl Fawn was "digging it."

Kelarin and her "babies" from "Siege of Darkness."  :)

My wife holding a squirmy young Meira - our Husky Shepherd mix.

Dominic and I posing for the camera.

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